Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rock-star Friends + Getaways

You, my amazing e-friends, helped to make my birthday wish a reality!! Pygmy marmoset won the vote and is the newest animal in the Berkley menagerie . Doesn't he look dapper? I really love his lapel button ☺

I cannot believe it is June already. Wow, time really flies fast once the weather gets nice. We have had a lot of rain...a LOT.... and so I have been dealing with leaking-issues in my basement for the first time. Consequently, I am in currently taking a quick break from carpet shampooing. So many projects to do, so little time. I feel bad about neglecting the blog last week, but I have a feeling many of you all are in the same situation that I am!

Last week, we decided to do a mini-getaway and go down to St. Louis with the girls. We did Chuck E. Cheese, The Mills mall, and the zoo. The most AMAZING thing was feeding the sting rays, which is a new exhibit called Caribbean Cove. I highly recommend doing this if you never have:

I hope to be back soon to share a really special handmade project I have in the works!