Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jumble of stuff... want some ornaments?

Well, the Bazaar is over. Thank goodness! I worked Saturday night on making this cute igloo cake. It took 2 hours to bake since the mold is around 8 inches thick. As it was sitting on the stove cooling, I went to the bathroom and shut the door to get ready to go out to dinner. WELL... my husband was too busy clipping his toes to realize that 2 year old Bella was pulling the cake onto the floor. Can you say "speechless"? Luckily, I had made this smaller cake, which I frosted with homemade frosting. I made a powdered sugar snowflake on it for pretty.

To keep the plastic wrap from messing up my snowflake, I made a little marshmallow snowman (with a toothpick inside) to hold it up. This little cake had to suffice, as I did not have the time/energy/patience to do another igloo.

The "This and That" tables were very popular, and priced SUPER cheap. I am so excited about this vintage Japanese tree topper I found NEW in package. She has the cheinelle/pipe cleaner arms and coppery metal mesh skirt and wings. How cool is that for $1!

When I dropped off my crafts Saturday morning (the day before the opening), I fell in love with this adorable vintage stocking.

...and they sold it to me for a quarter. WOOT!
I also bought some of those vintage wooden plaques, still in the celophane wrappers, for 10 cents each. I am going to try my hand at painting on them one of these days.
As for the craft table... what a bust! My cute ornaments were hidden amongst a sea of lace-drowned granny crafts. (Do I sound bitter?? I AM!). People were really too busy eating lunch and looking for a bargain. Lesson learned, I suppose...wrong crowd!
I ended up putting $3/set on the ornaments, but I have decided to sell them to my blog-readers and fellow etsians for $2.50/set. There is a lot of work/time in the project, but it was always my intention to make someone else happy with them. Look at the pictures here and convo me if interested in a custom listing. I shipped several sets today for around $2, to give you an idea.
Hope everyone is having a great mid-holiday-week! My turkey has been in the fridge since Sunday, defrosting, and is bound to be brined starting tomorrow morning. If I don't blog again before then, I hope everyone has a terrific, tasty Thanksgiving!
ps... Sorry about the spacing. Blogger is winning the battle on this issue :-\

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovely sounds make it all better

Yesterday, I was listening to the wonderful Bob & Tom Show on the radio while in the car. One of the guests was a girl, whom I thought was rather witty. To tell you the truth, I took for granted that she must be a comedian, since 97% of their guests are. Then...she began to sing. And it was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I popped into chez Walmart last night, and was happy to find one of her CDs. They didn't have the newest one called "Be Ok", but this was the one I really wanted. I guess the reason she sounded familiar is a couple of her songs have been in commercials.

This is a good video of one of my favorite songs from the CD. It is so sweet☺

(If the video isn't showing above, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDua9AOIkAM )


I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I will have some pics to share with you from the Bazaar stuff, probably Monday. Check out Laurie's wonderful plug she gave me on my finished Gooble doll on the Gabba Friends site. She is such a sweetie ☺

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cinnamony Cuteness

This time last week, I started working on some ornaments to donate to the church's bazaar this weekend. I decided to work with cinnamon dough, and it is really fun!

It handles like a thick playdough and it cuts wonderfully! I used my collection of Christmas cutters for the shapes.

You are supposed to let them dry out a bit before baking them. The cinnamon really scents your house...lovely!

All baked, then glittered... just waiting to get the rest of the ribbon attached and the final touches completed.

Prim Gingergirls
Plump Bears

Sparkly Snowmen

Dapper Gingerboys

Shining Stars

Glistening Pines

Nose-diving Deer (thanks to Blogger!)


What do you think I should sell these for? The larger ones are 3 inches tall, and the smaller counterparts are 1 1/2 inches tall. I plan on selling them in sets of one larger and two smaller. Would you pay $3 for a set? More... less?

What doesn't sell can be returned to me. Do you think these would sell on Etsy... should I put them up as a PIF?


Off to make a pot of chili to combat this chilly, blustery day!

Happy Thursday, Blog-Buddies

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling Blue

BlueBERRY, that would be. I decided to utilize some of the stash I froze this summer. Doesn't it look tasty? I am taking it to my mom's tonight, where we will be eating pizza while my husband and dad work on wiring there house-in-construction. My aunt will be there visiting, as well. Her name is Kim, but Brianna calls her Kim-ma (as opposed to grandma). It is a name she made up when really little, and we all think it is quite cute.

Hopefully, I can get The Office watched tonight while they are busy. If not, thank God for DVR ☺

Happy Thursday, blog-buds

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Waddle of Penguins

Yes, a waddle is the technical term for a group of penguins. In this instance, I might just call them a happy family ☺ I have been playing around with vinyl lately, and the idea of penguins kept coming up in my mind. First, I was inspired by a very adorable t-shirt graphic. Then, Sunnie Fairy and MushroomMeadows both made random comments re: penguins. That was all it took to motivate me ☺
Here is the daddy, whom I call Toppy. He and mommy stand approx 10 inches tall, and are made of heavy duty vinyl fabric, wool and craft felts, and stuffed with polyfil and rice. He has a little felt cap (which is attached).
This is Tippy, the mama penguin. She has a red heart simply embroidered on her tummy, and a little felt bow on her head. She wears a removable crocheted scarf, which looks like it is covered in frost. My friend almost walked out the door with her yesterday!

Lastly, meet Bob, the baby penguin chick. He is different from his parents, as he is made of soft fleece fabric. He is also stuffed with polyfil and rice, and has a spotted felt scarf to keep his little body warm.

These sweet friends will also be in the shop when I get it updated. I wonder if someone will want to welcome one (or all) of them into their home for the holiday season?


Friday, November 7, 2008

L♥ve Birds

Aren't they sweet? I am quite proud of my swanish pair. They have been an off-and-on project for a while now, and are almost ready for the shop. (I still need to sew those feet on...LOL) Today is not a great day for pictures, as it is overcast and dreary. We even had a short bout of wet snow! I hope to get some decent pics taken and posted to the shop as soon as possible.

This one is the beautiful, graceful white swan. She is made of high-quality vinyl, wool felt, and a bit of simple embroidery. I weighted their bottoms nicely with rice so that they will stand up well. I guesstimate them to stand at 10-12 inches tall.

This one, which I introduced to you before, is the one I think of as the "Ugly Duckling", before being transformed into the lovely swan. She looks rather coy, don't you think?

I am toying around with the idea of making some baby-size versions of these, but definitely not out of vinyl. I think it add a certain charm and vintage feel to these large ones, but it would just be too hard to work with for a smaller size. Maybe fleece, instead ☺
Have a great weekend! Enjoy the weather if it is nice... or curl up with a book if it isn't.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Dose of Cute

It has been a while since I showed you anything crafty, and I want to share this little guy! I made it with this free pattern on Owlishly . The original pattern calls it a girl, but the finished product reminds me of an elf or a little beard-less gnome. I think I will add a white pom-pom to the tip of the hat!

You will see that my little fellow is squatter than the example on Owlishly. I think I can attribute this to a) I tend to stitch too tightly, and b) my yarn isn't worsted-weight. Anyway, I think I might end up making two more of these (using different size hooks) to have a little trio of multi-sized elfs.

This amazing ornament was found a few days ago in the Christmas stuff at Wal-Mart! It was the only one left, and I had to have it. The bird silhouette goes perfectly with the bird decals in my kitchen. I would like a few more of these and make a cluster. Best part: it is only $2!! Better go check out Wal-Mart. They have some really cool, vintagey ornaments. Can you say acorns and mushrooms?

More SQUISHY cuteness tomorrow...off to dance class with the kiddies ☺

ps...I apologize for the weird spacing and issues with my hyperlinks lately. Is anyone else having this problem with Blogger? The preview looks fine, but it is all wonky on my blog page :P

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As American as...

Mmm...apple pie!
I decided to make some tonight for an after-dinner treat. I use Martha's pate brisee recipe for the crust, which is sooo easy and soft/flaky. I was too lazy to make two crusts, so I did a crumb topping. The girls and I didn't want to wait for it to cool, because we like to put Cool Whip on top and let it melt!

So good, let me tell ya ☺

Lick the bowl clean, she did!
I have been watching the results of the election this evening with the rest of the nation. I have voted a few times before, but I don't even remember for whom! LOL With the changes in the world, and having kids now, this election just seems so much more important.
Or, maybe I am just growing up?
I hope you all got out and voted! It is pretty obvious who is going to win, at this point. Let's all just pray that the new president will lead our country with a genuine servant's heart.