Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Monday again

(Bella, with her Brobee toys!)

Whew! I am back after a nutty weekend. On Friday evening, we ended up having a picnic supper in the front yard for 2 year old Bella's actual bday. She was too busy watching the neighbors play with their RC car that she didn't eat much. Saturday's party went great, and the girls had a wonderful time and received a bunch of cute presents (including YGG!). My friend April gave my older daughter a CuttlebugKids thing that cuts out shapes from paper. I am going to help her use it to make some thank you cards, hopefully tonight. I want to teach her to do things like "thank yous" at an early age. It is just a good thing to do when people are kind enough to give you a gift, don't you think?

The evening of the party, we ended up going to a small, nearby town to their Watermelon Festival. The girls rode a couple of rides, then we came home. It sure is hard to get a good pic of a moving carousel!


Today, Brianna started her first day of preschool. It was a blast for her!! In the 3 hours she was there, Bella and I holed up in the toy room... she played and watched Spongebob, while I embroidered the features on 3 more gray kitten dolls. Then at naptime, I worked on sewing them together. These dolls are causing me tons of grief today... not cooperating like I had hoped! Maybe by tomorrow, I will be at a point where I can ask my crafty readers for some ADVICE!

(On the frontside, they are cute... but flip 'em over, and they look like zombies!)

Lastly, check out this FREE YGG Muno amigurumi pattern!! It is the same lady who sells the YGG patterns on etsy... they are so realistic!Free Muno Amigurumi Pattern

PS: PLEASE take my poll this week on the lefthand side of the page. The question is something that has been bugging me for awhile, and I want to know the general consensus on this issue! Thanks ☺

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bunzi said...

thanks for the pattern link. very cute cats. glad you had a fun packed weekend! :D