Thursday, August 21, 2008

One down, two to go!

Yesterday was Brianna's 4th bday! I think she had a good day. She received lots of phone calls wishing her a happy birthday, and she got to have her water balloon fight with daddy that she asked for! We went to Pizza Hut for supper, and she just LOVES "dippin bread". After 4 days in a row of going to Walmart at 5 am, they finally got all of the toys out this morning. No Gabba, though :-( Oh well, I am sure we will find them in time for Christmas!

My baby turns 2 tomorrow! Half of the cupcakes have been reserved for her special day. Not sure what to do, since she can't tell us what she wants. BUT... if it is warm and not rainy (like today), maybe I will let them play in the sprinklers. She LOVES that!
I will be spending a deal of time tomorrow getting food ready for the big, joint-party on Saturday. I am making a big pot of the BEST sloppy joes, and another big pot of green beans with bacon and potatoes right from the garden! That way, I can stick these things in crockpots first thing Sat morning, and not have to worry about it. Other than that, there will be hotdogs, chips, Chinese coleslaw, and meat/cheese/veggies. Just inviting our parents and brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews, we end up with around 30+ people. Even a "small" family get-together turns into a big event!
Lots of cleaning (and re-cleaning) have gone on this week, so not a lot of time for craftiness. I did complete my entry into Bunny Creates' "Monthly Makings" contest.
It was fun, and I am loving the finished result! I will wait to post any pics of my entry, so that I don't spoil anything she has planned for her site ☺

This little guy is a prototype of an idea I had after looking at some vintage doo-dads on ebay. Does he look like a hedgehog? I hope so, because that was the intent! LOL Anyway, I whipped him up fairly quickly today, and have changes in mind for the future project in which I plan to use him in!

Good-night, and if I don't post again until after the party... well, just have a good weekend!



Nikki said...

Randi, you are so lucky you can jam that into one one celebration!
We start b-days in October. All in order October,November December and Christmas.

People ask if we planned it that way.
Uh no!

58 Cherries said...

Sounds like a great party. Hope you guys had fun! :)

bunzi said...

he does look like a hedgehog. love it! :D your kids are super cute!