Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tweet Lil' Birdies

Again, I am going to indulge myself by talking about the loverly artform that is wall decals. How freakin easy are they (very!), and you have an instant effect. Although I ♥ the decals from the company UpperCase Living, there are several etsy people selling their own, similar creations for a LOT cheaper. And I am all about supporting the etsians, whenever possible.
Here are some pics of the dark-brown birdies that I purchased from enoughsaid on etsy. I scattered them around soffet about my kitchen cabinets, to make them look like they are standing in the leaf garland I have up there.
(Ps... avert your eyes from the naked window. We just put in a new window, and hubby hasn't got the trim around it yet... therefore, the beautiful curtains I made are sitting in the pantry, impatiently waiting to be rehung)

1 comment:

Nikki said...

That looks soo soo cute!!

Guess what I got on Etsy??!!