Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the Winner Is...

WOOT! We have a winner ☺ All of the entries were put on slips of paper, mixed up in a bowl, and the random number generator told me that the 9th one to be pulled out was the winner... congrats to Sunnie Fairy! Please email me your shipping info to . I will get your prize package gathered together and sent out to you ☺ Thanks to all of my blog friends, both new and old, for playing along. Seeing your comments on my blog, and reading your blogs, makes me super-happy!
Well, by this point you have obviously met my new little friend. I adapted the pattern from one of the old "Workbasket" magazines I spoke of a while back. The original pattern is over 30 years old! Back in the day, people had to draw a graph of 1 inch blocks and recopy the pattern to scale, by hand! I was able to do some mathematics and use my scanner to do the dirty work for me.

The original pattern is supposed to be a duck, but I think it looks more like a swan. I think of her as the original "Ugly Duckling"... she just doesn't fit in with the ducks, but she is just so very beautiful and charming in her own way.
(Sorry about the junky photos...and the fact that the feet are not yet is getting late and I wanted to get this posted yet today!)
She is made from a heavy-weight black vinyl, with safety eyes and hand sewn/embroidered features. Working with the vinyl was a new experience, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Although you have to be careful not to poke it too much, it is very easy to cut and obviously doesn't fray. I filled her bottom half with a good measure of rice, so she is weighted quite nicely. She would look sooo great on a bookshelf, desk, etc. She will be ending up in my shop soon, hopefully with a white counterpart.
My goodness, this long day is drawing to a close...and I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday again. Off to sleep!


sunnie_fairy said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
I sent my info your way, and I can't wait! :] love the "swan." said...

Congrats sunnie_fairy.

elishacopeland said...

im jealous! very very CUTE!!!!!!!