Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Metallic Taste (Happy Things, part 2)

Lately, the weather has been turning quite fall-ish! We have been working on replacing windows in the house, and now I finally have some that can actually open (as opposed to the ones that are painted shut). What a nice treat to have fresh, cool air circulating around the home. This MIGHT have spurred Brianna's and my recent obsession with popcorn and hot chocolate ☺

I have realized that some of my favorite, most memory-laden objects are in my kitchen. When I was a very small girl, I remember eating popcorn with my grandma from a large, red anodized aluminum bowl. It was THE popcorn bowl. Just the right size, and the metal absorbed just enough heat to make it a very toasty thing to have on your lap. When she passed away last year, that was the thing I wanted most. Now, Brianna immediately gets this bowl from it's place as soon as she hears the popcorn going!

I have a fond memory of my other grandma, who passed away in 2005. When I was probably 8 or so, she had a box of "junk" that she had bought somewhere (garage sale, auction, or the like). She told me she was giving the stuff away. Immediately, I saw this set of little bright, colorful metallic bowls and cups. I made it clear that these were to be mine! Well, everyone who saw these little treasures wanted them, but she laughingly said that I had already spoken for them!

Although mismatched pieces of this set are stung around my parents house, I did buy a beautiful vintage set of these colorful, anodized aluminum glasses with caddy on eBay several years ago.

They are heavenly and frosty on the scorching Summer days! You can buy a non-vintage set of these here .

Since the trend in the last few days has been toward hot chocolate (or in Brianna's case, "cold hot chocolate), I will show you my favorite mug...which also happens to be metal. I bought a set of these from Old Navy when I was in college because I thought they were cute. But now I ♥ them because one of these enameled mugs will hold twice as much hot chocolate as my Fiestaware mugs! Mmmm...try mixing a packet of dark chocolate mix with a packet of milk chocolate with marshmallows. YUM! I enjoyed a nice, big mug as I worked on mending my husband's work jeans today.


I know I haven't talked much about lately about my crafty ventures. I did get my project finished, with Brianna's help, for Bunzi's Monthly Makings contest...in the nick of time! I have put the amigurumi aside (temporarily) to work on a scarflet. We made a point to finish watching "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" before the debate tonight, and I worked on it then.

Only a few more inches to go, then I will be done! More pictures to follow. (By the way, "Zohan" was highly funny).

ps...I have received a couple of packages this week that have made me VERY HAPPY, indeed. Maybe I will post some photos tomorrow to elaborate on this ☺

Good night!



bunzi said...

such lovely metallic wares! :D yay for happiness. and thanks for entering! :D

sunnie_fairy said...

oh, I love the scarflet! such a pretty color... and btw you made me hungry! ;]

Anonymous said...

I like the looks of those glasses too. It looks like something I would buy.