Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Nothings

Today was the Valentine party at Brianna's preschool. Since Matt is still home with his back (Yes! Another week!), he and Bella went with us. You get 17 four-year-olds, their teachers, parents, and younger siblings in one room full of cupcakes/cookies/candy, and it turns into a madhouse! She had fun, and came home with a big bag of Valentines and goodies.

(In this photo, she is showing me that she chomped the head off of her cute teddy bear ring-pop!)

Yesterday, I received a large box via UPS from That has become my husband's favorite place to order my flowers from. They really do send nice, fresh flowers. I am glad he steered away from roses, and instead gave me a huge bouquet of tulips and iris. The buds were closed tight, but by this morning, they were looking really nice!

Being a sock-monkey enthusiast, I HAD to get this card for him when I saw it at Target the other night. It plays music when you open... somewhat seductive music, I might add. ☺

Tonight, I went and bought a fresh salmon fillet, cut it into steaks, and marinated it in my *special* sauce. I just wing it, mixing together honey, orange juice, fresh grated ginger, minced garlic, and any array of Asian sauces I might have on hand. While the fish is out grilling, I strain the marinade, and bring it to a boil; then, I thicken it with a little cornstarch. It makes a really good sauce for the fish! I have to say, tonight's version was the best one to date. Not a flake was left ☺

4 comments: said...

That salmon sounds wonderful and those flowers look so pretty! I like how she chomped the head off her teddy bear ring pop, lol.

bunzi said...

happy valentines! seems like a fun time. :D

Mamma has spoken said...

Hey your husband bought you flowers too!!! Mine are still looking great. That's cute how she ate the head on the ring, not the type to save it?

Paula said...

What beautiful flowers! It's been a while since DH did that, but he's more the bring them home on the spur of the moment than for an occasion. Besides, the way they jack up prices around here for holidays, I'd rather get them "off season". What a nice arrangement, I wouldn't have thought of tulips and irises.