Monday, March 16, 2009

Jewel-tone Puppies

My pipe-cleaner spree continues! This particular pattern of dog is my favorite to make, so I sat at my mom's one boring Sunday and cranked these "little puppies" out. I am crazy for these curly chenille stems, which don't really resemble normal pipe-cleaners at all! I think the results is very cute and somewhat vintage-inspired.
Here is a curly black dog (you decide the breed!). I made the collars out of vinyl fabric, and on these particular ones I attached a tiny little you can hear if he tries to scamper off.
...and here is the white version with a contrasting black collar. I added a little gold grommet for some detail.
Last but not least, I made a litter of multi-colored puppies! Rumor has it that their mother only ate Jelly Belly's while she was expecting... They are somewhat smaller/shorter than the black/white dogs, but they make up for size with personality. Each has a little black collar with coordinating grommet details.
I think that these dogs (or any of the chenille animals) would make great little ornaments, shelf-sitters, or {adult} dollhouse decorations. You could stick them on a piece of dowel to make a floral pik, or just use as a gift package decoration. I have given a few away already, and people LOVE them! I need to work on photos, etc. and then I hope to have them in my etsy shop no later than Wednesday. What do you all think?


sunnie fairy said...

those are so cute! :] Love 'em

j-critter said...

I love these!!!! When will you be listing them??? Reserve the black dog for me! ;-)

Mamma has spoken said...

Way too cute :o)
Love the line about jelly bellies!!!

Sara said...

I love them! And they would make great little gift packaging favors, you're right!

Jenny S said...

Aaah I love them! They are so cute!! xo

Sorry I've not replied to your email yet, I've been fluey ...ick! will do tomorrow *hugs*

bunzi said...

those are really cute! love the little black one!

Kristina said...


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