Monday, May 11, 2009

The birds in the trees

Last Friday after lunch, Brianna and I were in the front yard playing with Tiffin. I heard a strange whistle coming from up in the tree. It didn't sound like anything I had ever heard. As I looked up, it swooped over my head and landed in another tree. This is what I saw:

I couldn't believe my eyes! A parrot, flying around here in Iowa??!! I just found out he is an Eastern Rosella, which is a native parrot to Australia. I assume he is a lost pet... he has been sticking around here pretty close since Friday. Anyone that sees him thinks they are hallucinating!

On the morning of my birthday (Sunday), I went outside and found him singing for me:

(Pardon my horrible attempts to "talk" to him).
I really wish we could try to catch him, especially before a hawk does. I may have to take a friend's advice and call the Conservation Agency...not sure if they can do anything to help him or not.


After 3 weeks of waiting, I finally received my huge, 8 ft tall tree wall-decal last week. (This was the first wonky transaction I ever had on Etsy... not impressed with the seller on so many levels.)

The wall behind the dining room table before....

Matt, helping me get the first of four parts centered....

And here it is, after 2 days of rubbing/peeling, all done! I added the cardinal decals that I bought from a different seller, and I think it looks good ☺ I am definitely all about the birds in the trees, aren't I?

Ps... Thanks to all of you who took the time to pop over to the Berkley's blog and cast a vote for the adorable pygmy marmoset. Last time I checked, there were 8 votes for him, which is amazing! If you would also like to give him you allegiance, you can vote through Thursday (I think) HERE .


Mamma has spoken said...

You can also call animal control. They rescue all types of animals. Feel sorry for the bird, this has to be so out of his element. Like the cute tree in your dining room!

Anonymous said...

I too hope the bird is rescued - it's so beautiful. Your tree looks really cool, oh the down side of renting, my walls are all plain white (boring) and on top of that they are textured. It would be nearly impossible to keep arub-on straight :(

Cindy/KS said...

Love the tree & the bird!

Belated Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I missed it!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Kim, my walls are texturized. Due to the size of the decal and the texturing, that is why it took me so long to put up. You really have to rub a lot!! I am not pleased with the quality of this decal...usually they are a matte-finish. This particular one is more shiny, almost like a brown trash bag. Oh well, it serves the purpose. You get what you pay for ;-)

Thanks Cindy :-)