Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chock Full 'o' Adorable

Ahhh... all done. My sweet 'n' sassy stitching project is completed, except finding some coordinating ribbon to hang them with. The hubbinator is playing softball in Quincy tonight, so it sounds like I get a chance to make a craft-run! Woo-hoo :-)

Here are some pics of the completed project(s). Please try to ignore the awful picture quality (which is probably what is killing me on etsy, from my peer critiques). I am counting the days until I can get the new Sony HDNA camera... I am hoping you don't have to be a great photographer if you have 14.5 megapix, right? ;-)

This is the largest of the 4, and my favorite. Sam looks wistfully at Sophie,
as she haughtily stands on her pedestal of books,
with potential love-birds fluttering about.

The crest of the "Little Ghostie Who (Thought He) Could".
You gotta love those tiny little teeth!

Hedgie waves "Bonjour!" as he walks through the forest of one tree.
I am still contemplating whether I should fill in the beret with red, or just leave it outlined. What do you think?

Who DOESN'T love Creeping Bunny...
especially as he creeps up to nap your mug of hot tea!

All together!
(Did I mention I need a new camera?)

What a fun project. These were my experiment, and now I can't wait to embellish clothing, etc. with the cute little critters. Check out http://www.sublimestitching.com/ for these from Emily Martin and many other awesome patterns. I think the Julie West patterns are next on my list.
If anyone out there is also working on the Black Apple patterns (or any other SS pattern), email me a picture of your project. I would ♥♥♥ to see what other combos other crafty minds have thunk up...I will post the pics on my blog!


Suzanne said...

Great job! Those are absolutely adorable!

emily said...

Love!!! :)

Art By MAR said...

So very adorable, you did a great job. I LOVE The Black Apple.

Christy said...

I love your embroidery! so dainty! I love black apple too.

Meg said...

I should finish up my Black Apple tea towel tonight, I will send you a picture!

Meg said...

yep, the lovebirds are from the SS Craft Pad, I love it! There are lots of larger scale transfers, like 6 x 8, which I really like.

Brook said...

so cute!! I just got my patterns in the mail yesterday!! Plus I also have a horrible time taking pictures of my embroidery... ITS HARD!

Rubyellen said...

Those looks so lovely... i need to get me some! I can't wait to see what else you do with them!

Emily Martin is just marvelous!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog... come by and visit again!

Kristi said...

These are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I am new Black Apple and am eagerly awaiting my patterns! Did Emily name those characters Sam and Sophie or did you take it upon yourself to come up with those cute names?