Monday, July 14, 2008

Saw Martha Stewart at Wal-Mart

Okay... big let-down from the title. I didn't ACTUALLY see Martha. But I am totally excited that Wal-Mart is now carrying a nice size collection of the Martha Stewart craft line! WOOT!!! Living in Smalltown, USA, I don't have access to Michael's, etc. I am not 100% sure it is the same stuff sold at Michael's, but I think it is. It is really nice quality, beautiful stuff. The scrapbook paper and stickers/embellishments are really classy... as opposed to being cheap and childish-looking. The price is a little higher than I usually like to pay, but at Wal-Mart everything goes on sale... eventually :-)

Anyway, the stuff is on, too. These glittered bird stickers just kill me.

On another note, I finished up my embroidery project today! Double WOOT! I painted and crackle-finished some hoops to hang them in. After I am certain that they are completely dry, I will get them all dandy-ed up and take a photo. I can't wait to see the cluster of them together, 4 in all. Fed up with the washed-out, pale blue color of my bedroom, I have decided to paint it the same LOVELY aqua color of the kitchen, which is my new fav. On the only untextured wall, I am going to do a faux bois finish. Then I can start hanging up all of my lovely Black Apple stuff. That way, it will be the first and last thing I see each day!
Until later ♥


Kathy Martin Studio said...

I love Michael's and Joann's! I'm a junkie! hehe Your little chick at the top of your page is super-cute!


Distressing Delilah said...

Cute blog!!! Great start! And ya, cute little chick!

Kevin said...

Martha at Wal-Mart, wow, I bet K-Mart isn't too happy about THAT! Of course, though, when you're Martha you can pretty much do anything you want!:) Nice blog!!

Valances said...

Wow, so now Martha Stewart has started selling her things at Walmart? To be honest, Martha Stewart is too big a name to stick with a company that is falling apart (=K Mart). The move to Walmart is a good move for her enterprise, but it will also be great for consumers who mostly shop at Walmart anyway. I’m no fan of Walmart, most of their items are low quality items, but let’s face it, this is a real and practical move on her part.