Sunday, July 13, 2008

Embroidery fun!

Well, a case of cabin fever set in on Friday, and I had to get out of the all cost. So with bratty girls in tow, I made the hour trek to Burlington to get my Jo-Ann/Hobby Lobby fix. Oh my, I feel so much better!

With anticipation of my new Sublime Stitching patterns arriving, I stocked up on embroidery floss. I also bought one of those Clover embroidery tools, among other things ;-) I packed us a lunch to take along... I didn't want to mess with fast food, plus not buying lunch would mean more $ for crafts! The one thing I couldn't find was glass teddy bear eyes for my felting creatures. Oh well, I suppose seed beads will have to do.

Happiness and joy flooded me as I opened my mailbox when we got home, and there were my delightful Black Apple series embroidery patterns! I hadn't used iron-on patterns before, so that took a bit of getting used to, but well worth it! I will post a pic when I finish my grouping. Here is the sample of some of the patterns from Sublime Stitching's site:

Embroidery is so much fun! I always confused embroidery with cross-stitch, which is too monotonous for me. Embroidering is also mindlessly relaxing, and I enjoy having free-reign to pick which colors and stitch styles I use.

HOWEVER...that elusive French knot always wonks me up. I read and follow the directions, but the knot just doesn't form. Well, I found a wonderful series of tutorials on YouTube, and SEEING it done is so much simpler for me. I will have to give it a try once the gumballs are in bed. These videos by "Make it Mine" are great, simple, easy to understand.. and SHORT!

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Ladybuggz said...

I was afraid of french knots for a long time, but then I did an announcement that had about 300 of them, and I'm not afraid anymore. LOL The worst part was having to use a hoop big enough to avoid having any of the knots between the hoops.