Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not a lot of nothing today

Today was spent walking to the park with the girls, cooking, cleaning... all of those lovely domestic activities. I have a rug project in mind that came to me via Martha's "Craft of the Day" a while back...but with hubby working around 70+ hours each week, I can't get the help that I need with stretching the duck canvas over wood and stapling it so that I can paint on it. More about that later, when the project at least gets STARTED!

I was pleasantly surprised today when I checked out Sublime Stitching's blog and saw some very familiar looking stitched-projects! Somehow, Jessica found my blog and posted my pics of the Black Apple wall hangings I made! I was filled with a bag-full of warm fuzzies ♥↓♥ I was really thrilled because my blog is sooo new, and I really enjoy doing it. My goal is some real interaction with my readers (oh yah, and to get MANY more regular readers), and I hope people continue to come back here and read and POST! Anyway, here is the link to the blog... http://sublimestitching.com/blog.html

One quick craft-related topic... a while back, I was introduced to the topic of paper quilling via a segment on my girl Martha's show. Intrigued, I went to the website that seems to be the main distributor of materials, tools, kits, etc. Lake City Craft Co. (http://www.quilling.com/ ). There is a lot of cool kits, and basically it is just rolling thin strips of paper up very tightly to make shapes. Then the shapes are put together to make pictures. Hobby Lobby is now carrying their supplies, and I bought a little kit for around $3 to start with. Here is a pic from their website of the kit I bought... lets see how mine turns out! I will let you know how hard it is.
ps... Good luck to Emily of the Black Apple in her pending move to Portland! I will surely miss her wonderful blog as she readies for the big day, but I am sure all of us "Applets" can't wait to see what kind of stuff she will be involved in once she moves!



Pat Caputo said...

Just read your blog about quilling. I'd like to invite you to my web site http://www.Whimsiquills.com Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Quilling Reference Materials link for all kinds of free downloadable instructions sheets. There is also a link for free patterns, and links to my quilling blog. Quilling is a beautiful art form, I hope you pursue and enjoy it.
Pat Caputo

Kristin said...

Congratulations on being featured over at Sublime Stitching! :) I can see why they featured you!

Have fun with the Quilling! I absolutely love quilling :)

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