Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cute Kitty-Boy and Pixelated PopArt

Okay, I couldn't help but show off my finished gray kitty from last post. I finished him yesterday, and made his outfit today. I did embellish it a bit from the pattern, with the little pocket and pearl-snap buttons for his suspenders... I am totally lovin' him ♥! I have surprised myself, because he nearly looks store-bought. Now I have to crank out his twin sister (and hopefully several sets of the pair) and get them in my shop during this anticipated revamp.

So soft and huggable!

Apparently, he is a manx kitty, because the pattern does not call for a tail. Don't you love the overalls?

My cat (who lives at my parent's house) Coaly... after my daughter decorated him with Mardi gras beads. He is the same deep, smokey gray that I love!

Okay, this is going to make for a long, picture-filled blog, but as promised, I will show off the Perler projects I just completed! I have always passed by these beads at the hobby stores because I thought they were a "kiddie kraft". THEN... I happened to see the awesome projects that are being done with them to make replicas of Nintendo characters. They are perfect to achieve that pixelated look! Check out Lost Mittens etsy shop, and you will see what I mean! www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=35630 It was her creations, which I first saw on craftster.org, that made me say WHOA!

My first Mario, in the magical shoe

One I am working on now, but ran out of black, tan, etc. beads!

Word of Advice!: It you want to try doing these pics, I would highly suggest you go to ebay and buy the colors in bulk per color. I have found out the hard way that buying the mixed beads from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc. is a huge pain in the but because:

A) You have to sort through a big wad of multicolored beads to find what you want

B) There just aren't enough of one color to do much of a project!

Happy Crafting, everyone!



berryberr said...

Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!


leightorres said...

Hi! It's Melissa from Cake Hero. I love your work here, so so cute! Thanks for the comment, too. Yes, I did use all fondant for the little guys. Don't be scared though! Just make sure to buy the gel food coloring, not the stuff you buy in the supermarket. I also used edible markers to draw on the faces (do that once your colored and shaped fondant has been drying for a while). Have fun and good luck with your child's cake! :)

Nikki said...

AHHH!! I want one of those kitties!!!
I can't wait till you have them up in the shop!

I have only got one Black Apple print so far. Being out of work is going to hinder some of my purchases : (

I really want the one with the Snow,Rose and Bear print so I hope Emily puts that one back up!

bunzi said...