Monday, August 11, 2008

New camera... and crafty stuffs

Finally... my ☼new☼ camera is now in hand and in use! I finally got to put it to work over the weekend, and I am sooo happy! I am not a photographer, by any means, but it takes such good pics. I am hoping it will be the key to getting me my first etsy sale! My goal is to make up a bunch of stuff and update the shop top to bottom for the fall!

I could have never taken a photo like this with my old camera!

My husband's 90-year-old great aunt is getting ready to move to assisted living, and they are cleaning out her house. My MIL brought me a load of vintage crafty-stuff! A lot of it went into the garbage (polyester or macrame, anyone), but I found a few shreds of goodies. The above pic is of a couple of scraps of adorable vintage fabric. I hope they find more stuff like this!

A few weeks ago, I found a ziplock baggie of vintage toy patterns at a garage sale. There was an adorable, and pretty easy, pattern for these "kitten twins" in there. Being such an old pattern, it called for terry cloth to be used. Thank goodness we have such an array of fabrics we can use today! I found this really pretty gray micro-velvety stuff on clearance at Jo-Ann, and it is perfect! I haven't stuffed him/her yet, or made the clothes yet, but here it is so far. Hand-embroidering all of the features is probably the most time consuming part of it. Maybe you will see these guys in my shop soon!

I have so much to show you all, and so little time! I received more wall decals in the mail today, so I need to go get them up before hubby gets home... it's a surprise!

Hint about next post... two words... PERLER BEADS!!


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Nikki said...

I love the fabric!! What a find!

I did send you a little email the other day. Did you get it?

BTW, I will add you to my blog roll when I get a minute!!