Saturday, August 30, 2008

If 3rd Try Doesn't Work... Send Hubby

Cute little birdie-guy, isn't he? I thought so, too! I first saw this cute little wood/rubber stamp at Hobby Lobby awhile back. I didn't buy it because EVERYTHING goes on sale at H.L. eventually. So, on two seperate occasions I did take him up to the cash register. I intended to take him home with me both times. But on both occasions, the cashier tried to tell me that the WOODEN stamps were not 50% off that week, just the rest. (And both times, I knew I was right... H.L is a 45 minute drive, and I study that ad before I leave!). Each time, I didn't have the energy to argue, so I just said keep it.

Finally, this week was my chance! Definitely, 100% sure was I that the wooden stamps were on sale! So I get up to the cash register on Wednesday, with my frames, safety eyes, Sculpey clay... and with my little Bella holding the elusive rubber stamp. She had it at the checkout counter. I swear she put it up on the counter... and I would have SWORE I paid for it! But yesterday when I went to get it, it wasn't in my bag...nor was it on my receipt! The slippery little bugger escaped again!

The last laugh is mine... I made hubby stop by H.L. today on his way home and get it for me! Apparently, his grip is much better than mine ☺


My eyes are literally crossing right now, as I have been wading through my digital pictures for the longest time. Walgreens is having a special through Aug 30 (50 prints for $5, use coupon code GETFIFTY). I was behind with printing my pics, so I ended up ordering 150... beats printing them myself!

I apologize for this long/rambling post. I had the urge to post something before I went to bed, and I feel like my brains are scrambled.

{{Good Night}}

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bunzi said...

yay for hubbies! and the owly is a cutie! i don't think we have a hobby lobby round here! lucky! ;)