Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Working on ♥ UPDATE ♥!!

Wowee! I have been working very hard trying to revamp my etsy shop. I made a new banner, which I think is pretty cute and simple. And I am following the wonderful advice I received from the etsy community forum by taking better pictures! I think with my new camera (along with a few props), I am doing a decent job... what do you think? I took/posted all new pictures of the 3 items I currently have in my shop. I also decided to give them a sale price, in celebration of the new additions that are coming ☺ I hope to get everything up and posted by the end of the week. I would appriciate comments about the shop changes so far ♥
Here are a few things that I have been working on that I thought I would share. These things will all be in the shop in this update.

Remember the prototype-hedgie I showed you a while back? Well, here he is! He is a funny, furry little polymer clay pin/brooch. I am tickled to death with the way they turned out!

A hedgie pin riding on my daughter's jean jacket. CUTE!

I am also in love with this felt blue bird that I made over the weekend. I call him "Blue bird with a black eye". Why, you ask?

Apparently, he must have gotten a little too close to the crow's birdseed pile! (Or else, he is related to Popeye). This birdie is a shelf-sitting decoration of a toy, and I like how he can be turned in one direction to be either wide eyed or another direction to be squinty/sleepy. I am sooo tempted to keep him for my kitchen shelf...but I won't ☺
Well, my crafty time for today is up... must go pick up while nappin' is still happenin'. Last thing on my list is to finish the gray kittens' clothes and get their pictures taken for the shop.
Hope everyone had a great LOOONG weekend!


sewphie said...

your hedgehog brooch is supercute

bunzi said...

your new banner is cute and squishy. :D love the hedgehog! :)

bunzi said...

you won won won won!