Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Stick It!

Today is the end of a week full of stomach-related misery for myself, and which I have unwittingly passed on to my dear husband. Maybe this week I will have the energy to share some of the great things I have been promising! I have not been a very reliable blogstress as of late.
A while back, my friend introduced me to "Upper Case." Basically, it is like a Tupperware/Pampered Chef kind of party thing, but the product is these wonderful wall decals. They are super-adorable. There are pictures, sayings, etc. I bought a few during this party, but haven't been able to place them the painting isn't DONE yet...(ahem, too bad hubby doesn't read this). Regardless and moving right along, I stumbled onto some similar wall decals on etsy a couple of days ago while looking through the PIF listings. I purchased an adorable bird from decalmonograms:

I can't wait to see what this looks like somewhere in my house! Now I am totally down with the fake trees with birds on them... and I think I can talk hubster into one if I can find one with a cardinal/red bird on it (darn those STL fans!). Here is great set from Elephannie that I am in love with:

And one last shot from lewasdesigns... this one blows my mind beyond words! I am thinking this one may have to go in my bedroom one of these days!

So, do a search for wall decals on etsy, and croon over these lovelies (and many more) as I did. I am ALL about instant gratification! Let us decorate our walls with giant, beautiful adult-stickers.


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