Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Everything's Coming Up... Mushrooms?

Ah, 'shrooms! After all of this recent rain, the shady spot in our front yard is like a mushroom pasture. Now that it is drying up a bit, I really should mow the lawn... then only the small ones, close to the ground, will miss the guillotine.
Yesterday, I was mightily cheesed-off at my MIL (whom I have diagnosed with untreated bipolar disorder, but that is another story....) so I decided to whip off a fast amigurumi for some instant gratification and a good measure of happy. Possibly influenced by the carpet of fungi visible from my favorite chair, I chose this easy pattern from Kat Crochet. In no time, I had a finished Morel mushroom ☺ Our area is big on mushroom-hunting, and the effect of the holes in the crochet really look like the grooves in a Morel mushroom. I need to add a cute kawaii-ish face to him yet. [Does anyone know of a free, small GNOME amigurumi pattern, or have a pattern they would be willing to share?? I really want to make some small gnomes to perch on/under the mushroom(s) ]

Then I started thinking...a lot of these cute, vintage finds I keep promising to post about have a central theme: mushrooms! Check out this framed picture I bought for 25 cents. I actually intended to toss the picture and only use the frame, but the whole thing is starting to grow on me now. The frame is a neat vintage plastic faux bois:

Check out these old napkins. I bought the set of 4 for $1, and I think they are really cute. With two little ones, we stick to paper napkins... but maybe I might sew something out of them.

I like the rabbit and mushroom details most.

Lastly, I just found these kitchen towls in a bag I had forgotten about. Although they don't really go with the color scheme, etc. in my kitchen, they are really thick and soft. They will make great drying towels!

Wow, that's a lot of mushrooms! And as much as I like a cute fungi knick-knack, picture, fabric, etc., my favorite thing to do with them is eat them. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Autumn-like weather!


58 Cherries said...

That's a whole lotta 'shrooms! My neighbor's yard has a huge forest of mushrooms that I can see from my second floor window. A sea of white caps. lol

I like your little mushroom you made - very cute. I also like those red velvet topped ones that Black Apple made awhile back. Cute little mushrooms everywhere I look. I can't think if I have anything mushroom related to share - I'll have to take a look.

Mostly everything we've bought or been given for our kitchen lately has either been cherries or tomatoes. I'll have to take some pictures and post them. Happy Autumn!!

sunnie_fairy said...

i love autumn, but as i live in southern CA, you can forget about anything BUT heat for the next month or so. your mushroom is adorable, and looks positively yummy!

bunzi said...

yay for mushroom meadows! i heart mushies.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

bunzi, so glad to see you back! Hope you had a nice trip ☺

and yes, yah for mushies, indeed♥

rebekka said...

LOVE that frame!

TokyoBunnie said...

Super cute mushroom!