Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rainy Days & New Friends

It sure has been raining here a LOT this last couple of weeks! I really am not one to complain... as long as rain isn't accompanied by wind or hail (or leaky basements, for that matter), I quite enjoy it. There is nothing more soothing to me than the pitter-patter of a light rain, or the roar of a heavy down-pour. Rain, in and of itself, makes me quite a happy, motivated person ♥

Overflowing bird baths and huge puddles... I love it all ♥

I finally got around to taking a little something over to my new next-door neighbor. She is about my age and is the dietician at the nearby grocery store. She assisted on stage the other night at the Taste of Home cooking school I attended, but I knew she was quite busy and didn't want to introduce myself to her there. So, I baked up a batch of my famous zucchini bread to take over. I found a cute little Halloween plate at the Dollar Tree to put it on, and an adorable "Welcome to the Neighborhood" paper house printout from the new Martha Stewart Living. So cute! Brianna and I got out the raingear and went next door... and she is sooo nice! Her husband was making their supper (lucky her) and we talked for a little while. I am quite happy to have a potential new "age-appropriate" friend nearby ☺
After we returned home and I was preparing supper, we noticed that the mother-deer that frequents our neighborhood was across the street in the neighbor's yard. Brianna and I watched her through the window, and then were amazed at what she proceeded to do!

She jumped up on her hind legs, "grabbed" the tree and started eating out of the birdfeeder. It was sooo funny! I feel sorry for her because I think her front leg is/has been broken, because she walks funny. But she sure gave me and Bri and good chuckle.
Our Dish Network receiver is on the fritz, so this will likely be a tv-free/DVD-only weekend as we wait for the arrival of a replacement. Last night, I finished up the head of an amigurumi frog I am making Bella for Christmas. I have been inspired to make the girls some handmade gifts by the Spoonflower blog, Sally's Polliwog's Cakewalk blog, and many others. I am really liking the patterns that Sally linked to for the take-along dollhouse and the Molly Monkey. You know, by the time you buy the materials and take the time to make the stuff, it can cost as much as a store-bought thing. BUT it means sooo much more, and could be a future heirloom!
Hope you all have a nice, restful weekend!

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sunnie_fairy said...

I love rainy weather, too!
I think it's so true about how a handmade gift is just so much more thoughtful. My goal this Christmas to give handmade gifts only. hopefully I achieve my goal! Hope your friendship with your neighbor flourishes! A new friendship is always exciting :]