Friday, September 5, 2008

Shop is UPDATED! ☺☺☺

Whew x 2!! My eyes are about ready to fall out from all of this picture editing. I finally got all of my finished stuff in my etsy shop. The one (okay, two) exception is the other set of kittens... I just didn't have time this week to get their clothes made. SO, I guess I will just wait and see what happens with the stuff I did get listed, and go from there ☺

Here is my entry into Bunzi's "Monthly Makings" contest for August (and she can now be found in my shop). Lucky me, I even won the random drawing!! I never win stuff like that. I hope I get some time to enter the September contest. For now, I am a bit sick of sewing. I am actually working on my first amigurumi, and I am sooo excited! Thanks to the little bunny who emailed me the link to a WONDERFUL crochet tutorial. I am really getting the hang of it.

I am going to have to close for now, since I have been sitting here for over 2 hours working on my updating. I will be on a weekend vacation to St. Louis (sans kids!) for my hubby's birthday. He wants to see his Cardinals play. Next week, I hope to share with you all some of the cool vintage stuff I found at garage sales this week! And maybe I will have my first sale under my belt when I return home ☺

Happy Friday to ALL


sunnie_fairy said...

wow! sounds like you got a lot of stuff done! congrats on winning the drawing... your bird is adorable!
I love amigurumi, so I can't wait to see your first one!

mushroommeadows said...

Have a great vacation!!!