Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crafty Bits

Hello! I am just now recovering from the weekend. First of all, Friday night's ribs were quite tasty (and messy!). After the 2 hours in the oven, they looked a bit anemic. Therefore, I decided to send them to the grill-sauna for that last 30 minutes of cooking to perk them up a bit. I bathed them in a good amount of delicious K.C. Masterpiece, and tossed them on over indirect heat. I remember Martha once describing the perfect ribs as having a "beautiful rich mahogany color."

Mmm...now I know what she means!

And for dessert, ooey-gooey carmel apples ♥

On Saturday morning, hubby/FIL/BIL worked on putting the new windows in our living room. While they were doing that, MIL duped me into helping make pies for the church's bazaar. The making wasn't so bad, but I had to take the girls with me. They were good for a while, but then Bella got totally restless and I had to have Daddy come get her and take her home for a nap. We worked almost 5 hours on the pies, and made 40 apple and 20 rhubarb. We didn't finish though! There are still peach, blueberry, and cherry to make.

Of course, the guys didn't think to cover anything in the living room when doing the window stuff. So Sunday was spent on my hands and knees cleaning the plaster-dust off of every square inch of the living room... woodwork, floors, furniture. EVERYTHING! Not a happy girl. But, having the new windows in is a very good thing!

This would be the amigurumi frog I am working on for Bella's stocking. I started his final arm last night as I watch DVR-ed Martha episodes and listened to the wonderful rain through my new window. It was quite relaxing. Once I finish him up and give him a mouth, I can start on the "toad frog" for Brianna. Same pattern, just brown yarn ☺

Does this fellow look familiar to anyone? Over on the Gabba Friends board, I half-jokingly mentioned a petition for a DJ Lance Rock doll (similar to the Pee-Wee Herman doll of my youth), and now there is an actual petition up and running! How cool is that? Parker Jacobs seems down with the idea, it is just getting one of the licensers to pick it up. Still, how can you exclude such an important, pivotal character such as DJ Lance from your merchandise line-up??

Anyway... there was talk of making a Gooble doll, and I am totally up for that challenge! Gooble is sort of a depressed, cameo-character on YGG. I suppose he looks like the albino love-child of Muno and Brobee, and he cries a lot. So yesterday, I went looking for white vinyl to attempt a Gooble. None was found, but I did find some funky white remnant fabric for less than $1. It reminds me of stuff that someone's grandma's pants might be made from. In the long-run it was too thin/stretchy, making the stuffing look too lumpy. He also appears to have huge pectoral muscles, which is just disturbing. Anyway, I think I got the jist of him down. A tweak here and there of the pattern, and a change of the fabric, and I think he should be Christmas-worthy!



Laurie said...

That Gooble is right on the mark! I am always amazed by your skills. In fact I "ooh"-ed and "ahh"-ed at your entire post. You are quite the impressive homemaker!

the COLOR of FIRE said...

please let me know when you have a final product!!! I really want to buy one! I am the one who suggested it on the gabba friends forum!!!!

58 Cherries said...

Goodness - so many pies to bake! Wow. It must be hard after awhile not to make mistakes in the recipe out of sheer tiredness and routine. Suddenly I'm reminded of the movie 'Coalminer's Daughter' where she used salt instead of sugar in the chocolate pie. LOL (And those ribs are too tempting!! Yum!)

Congrats on the windows - I'm sure it was well worth it although all that cleaning sounds exhausting.

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Luckily we didn't have to bake the pies, just make/freeze them to sell later. People buy them and take them home to bake. Talking about salt/sugar, I was making applesauce a few weeks ago and dumped in a good measure of cinnamon. It was a bit redder than it should have been, and I realized it was chili powder! LOL I hadn't stirred it in yet, so I was able to scoop it out and no one was the wiser!

And Laurie, thanks so much for your kind comments. You flatter me, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me feel ☺

Color of Fire, I am unable to view your profile. Keep checking back on my blog (and Gabba Friends)...if I can make a decent Gooble prototype, I would be happy to make one for you, also ☺

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

OK, those ribs look delish! And what a super cute frog.

Unfortunately I don't have any chutney recipes, if I ever try a good one, I'll pass it on.

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

OK, those ribs look delish! And what a super cute frog.

Unfortunately I don't have any chutney recipes, if I ever try a good one, I'll pass it on.

the COLOR of FIRE said...

Ok, will do!!!! I never ever use this blogger site. I just logged in as my gmail account. :) Thanks and good luck!!!

the COLOR of FIRE said...

Just wondering if you got any progress done with the Gooble? Hope you had a great Halloween!

-the coloroffire