Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To relist... or not?

Another rainy day here today...and I love it! I finished up a special something for a trade with one of my e-pals (*hush* don't tell her!), and it is particularly squishy and cute. More about that later ;-)
I have had some etsy listings expire in the past month or so, and I am contemplating whether to relist the items or not. It isn't the 20 cent fee, really... just a little frustrating/disappointing to put a lot into making a special something, and it just sits in the shop. I have asked for critiques on the forum, and everyone tells me my prices are good and my stuff is cute, etc. I guess I just got in on etsy at a crappy economical time, as it seems everyone's sales are down.
So many of my blog's readers and dear e-friends are crafty &/or like crafts, so I want your opinions☺

This tiny little felted-wool bunny, along with the chick, were the first two things I listed on etsy. I had intended for them to be on before Easter, but didn't get them finished in time. I had this little guy listed at $10.

I just ♥ this little guy... maybe I should just keep him. He is tiny like the bunny, but his legs and wings are movable. I had him listed at $8.

This is one of my Boo-Boo Baby creations. They are like a pillow doll, but I made them with special velcro pockets in the back to hold tissues, thermometer, ice pack, etc. They each have a matching blanket, as well.

I searched etsy for a similar type of toy/design for my own daughters before I realized I could just make my own!

The faces are painted with fabric paint, since at some time these little guys will need a gentle washing (germs!).

The backside shows the pockets and tissue opening. I had these listed at $16 each.

Sooo... what do you think? Worth relisting? Do I need to change anything, prices, etc.?
I totally value your important input


sunnie_fairy said...

oh, those are adorable! totally relist them and stand your ground with the price! i think it's a great deal.

bunzi said...

you could relist. :) they are cute. i tried opening a facebook, talked in the etsy chat rooms etc, on posted promotions on the forums etc. your prices are good. i think that's how much dolls etc are priced on etsy. :D

jen said...

oh my, i love the tiny bunny!! would you ever make more?

i recently opened my art shop and have one sale (which i'm grateful for) but i amuse myself for opening a new store with all that is going on right now, economy-wise. i say let's just think of this time as a chance to build and grow. :)