Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovely sounds make it all better

Yesterday, I was listening to the wonderful Bob & Tom Show on the radio while in the car. One of the guests was a girl, whom I thought was rather witty. To tell you the truth, I took for granted that she must be a comedian, since 97% of their guests are. Then...she began to sing. And it was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I popped into chez Walmart last night, and was happy to find one of her CDs. They didn't have the newest one called "Be Ok", but this was the one I really wanted. I guess the reason she sounded familiar is a couple of her songs have been in commercials.

This is a good video of one of my favorite songs from the CD. It is so sweet☺

(If the video isn't showing above, here is the link: )


I hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I will have some pics to share with you from the Bazaar stuff, probably Monday. Check out Laurie's wonderful plug she gave me on my finished Gooble doll on the Gabba Friends site. She is such a sweetie ☺


sunnie fairy said...

I love the cover! :]

Pretty Ditty said...

I really like her as well. Have you heard of Pandora radio. If not, it's free music on the internet. Anyways, I usually listen to the Fiest channel and Ingrid's songs will often play on that channel. Love it!