Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cinnamony Cuteness

This time last week, I started working on some ornaments to donate to the church's bazaar this weekend. I decided to work with cinnamon dough, and it is really fun!

It handles like a thick playdough and it cuts wonderfully! I used my collection of Christmas cutters for the shapes.

You are supposed to let them dry out a bit before baking them. The cinnamon really scents your house...lovely!

All baked, then glittered... just waiting to get the rest of the ribbon attached and the final touches completed.

Prim Gingergirls
Plump Bears

Sparkly Snowmen

Dapper Gingerboys

Shining Stars

Glistening Pines

Nose-diving Deer (thanks to Blogger!)


What do you think I should sell these for? The larger ones are 3 inches tall, and the smaller counterparts are 1 1/2 inches tall. I plan on selling them in sets of one larger and two smaller. Would you pay $3 for a set? More... less?

What doesn't sell can be returned to me. Do you think these would sell on Etsy... should I put them up as a PIF?


Off to make a pot of chili to combat this chilly, blustery day!

Happy Thursday, Blog-Buddies


58 Cherries said...

Cute! I'd make them, but I actually am not a huge fan of cinnamon - a weird quirk of mine. I can tolerate a little cinnamon in things, but too much makes me head for the hills. Eek, cinnamon!!! LOL

I have a question - what does PIF mean? You said you might post them PIF?

SquishyCuteStuff said...

A PIF is short for "Pay it Forward". Basically, someone lists something on etsy, usually for 20 cents. That way, someone can buy it for 20 cents plus shipping. Then, they are supposed to list something in their shop for 20 cents + shipping and keep it going! It is a karma thing, like Earl says: "Do good things, and good things happen to you."

sunnie fairy said...

oh, I never knew what PIF was (but know I do), I love the idea! But I think $3 is a lovely price, considering they are so glittery and CUTE! :]

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Very cute, love the sparkles.

bunzi said...

they are very cute! i'd want to eat them. :D

Nikki said...

I adore these! I made them as a child and forgot all about them!
I do believe Emma and I will be making a batch!

Michelle said...

very cute!!