Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extending our family

It started with the idea of a single goldfish in a bowl. A $5 investment, really. Then it became a $30 aquarium. I can live with that, too, I suppose. How was I supposed to know that goldfish are really the "gateway pet"?

When we were shopping a week ago on V-Day, we decided to stop in this pet-store to look for that elusive oranda (which, despite my efforts, has already met with that golden toilet bowl in the sky). The next thing I know, we are looking at puppies. They had a tiny little brown yorkie-poo, which brought back memories of my bestest buddy from childhood. I had Muffin from age 2 to 16, and I couldn't imagine life without her. Unfortunately (or maybe FORTUNATELY, in light of the price tag), this puppy was already sold. But the seed was planted.

Matt has been talking about a dog for awhile now. I have to hand it to him, he really did do his research. A yorkie-poo seemed like a good fit for us, so I started searching for a breeder nearby. But, no one seemed to have any puppies.

Matt finally went back to work Tuesday, and called me to tell me about this dog at the home in which he was fixing a furnace. It was a morkie, which is a maltese/yorkie mix, and he thought it was cute/smart/perfect. I remembered seeing a morkie in my searches, and I ended up finding the website again. He was right outside of town! I called the number to ask about him, and they said they had to leave home by 5 pm to bring their daughter in to play basketball. THEN he asked if we would like to puppy-sit while they were at the game. Imagine...we got to test drive the puppy! To make a long story short(er), Mr. Puppy didn't leave our house that night.

(Sorry about the long here's some pictures!)

Years ago on our way to Williamsburg to shop, I first noticed the exit sign for a town called "Tiffin." I thought it was a cute sounding name, better suited to a puppy than a town, really. Since this puppy looks so much like my dog Muffin, I decided to go with it. (Besides, the alternative, Carlisle ala "Twilight," seemed much too formal for such a cute creature!)
Every day that goes by and he gets more comfortable with us, his ornery nature starts to shine through. Even with my new lens, it is tough getting a good photo of him... he never stops moving!

The girls love him so much. Brianna will carry him around for hours (or until he finally pees on her ☺). For only weighing 2 lbs (9 weeks old), he sure can hold his own with two rowdy girls. This pic cracks me up because it looks just like me with Muffin, 25 years ago!


bunzi said...

he's soooo cute! i remember when we had hamsters. on the way back from getting them they peed on our hands and that's when our love ended. lol said...

I'm sorry to hear about the goldfish, but this little puppy really takes the cake! He's adorable! What a wonderful addition to your family.

58 Cherries said...

Awwww! Cute! Puppies sure can steal your heart. I'm a cat person, but now I have a dog, too, and he's a sweetie pie. Keep the pics coming - everyone loves puppy pictures!!

Mamma has spoken said...

Way too cute!!! Sorry about the goldfish but I think the puppy is way too cooler of a pet :D

Cindy/KS said...

I like fish - they are much easier than any other pet for disposal when they die! (Can you tell I don't deal with that part well either with people or pets?)

We have cats still left over from our kids being home, but I ended up talking myself into not 1 pom, but 2! They are companionship though!


Monica said...

OOOOhhhh he is soooo cute!

I have a yorkie and a shitzu and I did go and buy the goldfish like I said the other day!!!

Letting them settle before I flash them with my camera! They might be camera shy!

Jenny S said...

Awwww he is sooo cute and I love the name!

Sara said...

SO cute!!! I want a puppy so badly! But we currently live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets--even fish. So, we're hoping to move this summer to a pet-friendly location and get a dog. :) I miss having a dog!

Kira said...

Your puppy is so cute! are the gateway pet!That was the progression with us too. A couple fish...then more fish...then puppy! But now that we have the puppy, the poor fish aren't getting as much attention. Now my husband is seriously thinking of taking it down since it's become more of a chore than a hobby since we got the dog.
I prefer dogs or can play with them and cuddle with them. Fish are kind of just an asthetic decoration to a houseplant. Is that awful?

Penny said...

Tiffin is so so cute! Love!

bonnesinger said...

Little Tiffin and your daughter should be in a magazine....what cuties! bonnie