Friday, October 17, 2008

CRAZY cute craftin'!!!

Ah, Friday! What a great day of the week ☺ Not sure what we are doing this weekend, but my daughter's school carnival is going on, as well as a free hotdog roast/kids craft and game day at the local park. We went to both last year (they just happen to be on the same day), and it was great fun. BUT we may end up going to Quincy to return stuff/buy stuff at Lowe's for this silly old house. Plus, an old friend is supposed to be in town with her brand new little baby boy. I guess it will just be played by ear ☺

Oh, by the way... I got my FIRST etsy sale on Wednesday night. I am super-happy about that! I hope this great person loves the girl kitty, which was sent off first thing yesterday morning. I have two more kitties made and in need of clothing, still. I really should get on that!


What a yummy-looking breakfast, huh? I got to tell you, this lady's work is blowing my mind right now. I recently discovered KTBdesigns while searching etsy for amigurumi patterns. Most of the really well-known crochet artists, like Ana Paula (whom I TOTALLY admire), specialize mainly in adorable, kawaii animals/people and the like. On the other hand, KTB designs does inanimate-type objects, like crocheted dishes, pans, food, tools, etc... and does them crazily-good! I like how interactive and imaginative the final product would be with the kids. One way or another, you HAVE to visit her etsy shop.

Hopefully when we make our Lowe's run this weekend, I can go track down some vinyl fabric to do a couple of special projects ☺ AND I need to clean my craft -area, since I can't seem to find anything I need! I always go into the weekend with big plans, but never get anything accomplished. LOL Regardless, it is getting mighty chilly here, so I may just be trying to stay warm.

Have a great weekend everyone!



sunnie_fairy said...

Hey, I tagged you over at
my blog!
Hope it's okay. :]

Anonymous said...

Such cute ideas!

Jenny S said...

Thanks for giving my spidy a mention! :)

Those crochet patterns are fantastic! I really must learn to crochet now... xo

58 Cherries said...

Wow - hard to believe that breakfast isn't real! So cute.