Thursday, November 13, 2008

Feeling Blue

BlueBERRY, that would be. I decided to utilize some of the stash I froze this summer. Doesn't it look tasty? I am taking it to my mom's tonight, where we will be eating pizza while my husband and dad work on wiring there house-in-construction. My aunt will be there visiting, as well. Her name is Kim, but Brianna calls her Kim-ma (as opposed to grandma). It is a name she made up when really little, and we all think it is quite cute.

Hopefully, I can get The Office watched tonight while they are busy. If not, thank God for DVR ☺

Happy Thursday, blog-buds


Jenny S said...

Yum! That looks so good! :)

sunnie fairy said...

oh, I'm hungry now! ;]

bunzi said...

looks so pretty! and i have the office taped and ready to watch too. i heart the office.