Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Waddle of Penguins

Yes, a waddle is the technical term for a group of penguins. In this instance, I might just call them a happy family ☺ I have been playing around with vinyl lately, and the idea of penguins kept coming up in my mind. First, I was inspired by a very adorable t-shirt graphic. Then, Sunnie Fairy and MushroomMeadows both made random comments re: penguins. That was all it took to motivate me ☺
Here is the daddy, whom I call Toppy. He and mommy stand approx 10 inches tall, and are made of heavy duty vinyl fabric, wool and craft felts, and stuffed with polyfil and rice. He has a little felt cap (which is attached).
This is Tippy, the mama penguin. She has a red heart simply embroidered on her tummy, and a little felt bow on her head. She wears a removable crocheted scarf, which looks like it is covered in frost. My friend almost walked out the door with her yesterday!

Lastly, meet Bob, the baby penguin chick. He is different from his parents, as he is made of soft fleece fabric. He is also stuffed with polyfil and rice, and has a spotted felt scarf to keep his little body warm.

These sweet friends will also be in the shop when I get it updated. I wonder if someone will want to welcome one (or all) of them into their home for the holiday season?



sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I love them!!! :] They are so, so cute! especially the mommy.

bunzi said...

i love their mouths. i like baby the best. ;) cute!

mushroommeadows said...

OH MY GOSH....HOW CUTE!!!! :) I really, really love them!