Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jumble of stuff... want some ornaments?

Well, the Bazaar is over. Thank goodness! I worked Saturday night on making this cute igloo cake. It took 2 hours to bake since the mold is around 8 inches thick. As it was sitting on the stove cooling, I went to the bathroom and shut the door to get ready to go out to dinner. WELL... my husband was too busy clipping his toes to realize that 2 year old Bella was pulling the cake onto the floor. Can you say "speechless"? Luckily, I had made this smaller cake, which I frosted with homemade frosting. I made a powdered sugar snowflake on it for pretty.

To keep the plastic wrap from messing up my snowflake, I made a little marshmallow snowman (with a toothpick inside) to hold it up. This little cake had to suffice, as I did not have the time/energy/patience to do another igloo.

The "This and That" tables were very popular, and priced SUPER cheap. I am so excited about this vintage Japanese tree topper I found NEW in package. She has the cheinelle/pipe cleaner arms and coppery metal mesh skirt and wings. How cool is that for $1!

When I dropped off my crafts Saturday morning (the day before the opening), I fell in love with this adorable vintage stocking.

...and they sold it to me for a quarter. WOOT!
I also bought some of those vintage wooden plaques, still in the celophane wrappers, for 10 cents each. I am going to try my hand at painting on them one of these days.
As for the craft table... what a bust! My cute ornaments were hidden amongst a sea of lace-drowned granny crafts. (Do I sound bitter?? I AM!). People were really too busy eating lunch and looking for a bargain. Lesson learned, I suppose...wrong crowd!
I ended up putting $3/set on the ornaments, but I have decided to sell them to my blog-readers and fellow etsians for $2.50/set. There is a lot of work/time in the project, but it was always my intention to make someone else happy with them. Look at the pictures here and convo me if interested in a custom listing. I shipped several sets today for around $2, to give you an idea.
Hope everyone is having a great mid-holiday-week! My turkey has been in the fridge since Sunday, defrosting, and is bound to be brined starting tomorrow morning. If I don't blog again before then, I hope everyone has a terrific, tasty Thanksgiving!
ps... Sorry about the spacing. Blogger is winning the battle on this issue :-\


sunnie fairy said...

oh love the little marshmallow snowman, and that vintage stocking!

Sara said...

I wish we could have seen your igloo cake! Oh well, the hazards of a toddler. Your snowflake cake was very pretty! And the marshmallow snowman is adorable!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Oh, oh, oh! Poor igloo cake!! Sounds like you had a good time anyway. Great finds and cute ornaments!