Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After staying up late last night getting these babies ready, I was greeted upon waking to a tall pan of cinnamon rolls, eager to be put into a hot oven. Words cannot describe...they are so soft and sweet and SO not on my diet! Don't blame me, though; that sourdough starter was sitting in my fridge, just going to waste ☺

Today there is still quite the blanket of snow, so it is just a really great day for warm, comfort food. After a cinnamon roll-filled breakfast, the only thing that sounded really good was just a steaming bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese. Nothing fancy, just Campbell's, but I like to jazz it up with shredded cheese and garlic. A few little crouton boats floating on top would have been great, too. A very happy lunch, indeed ☺

My day has been filled with mundane cleaning tasks, trying to get this place in order before Sunday: clearing off all of the artwork and paper clutter from the fridge, cleaning up the toy room, minimizing the amount of coats hanging on the coat rack, mountains of laundry, etc. The highlight of the day was receiving a very anticipated eBay purchase from Hong Kong! More about that later ☺


Jenny S said...

mmmmm.... my tummy is rumbling! Guess I'll be going out for cinnamon buns in the morning :-D xo

Mytutorlist.com said...

That does sound comforting. I really love tomato soup. My favourite is creamy tomatoe soup. It's just so good. Mmmm... I like grilled cheese sandwiches too :)

58 Cherries said...

Mmm - you'll think me incredibly lazy, but I tend to just make those pilsbury ones in a can when I get the urge. They are actually rather tasty for such a quick fix, but if you have a good recipe to share for homemade ones I might try it someday.

The snow is so thick right now - I think it must be 5 inches or so. Very pretty. Our comfort food was that we had defrosted a turkey over the last week and made it on Sunday. Plenty of leftovers to keep us full while we wait for the snow to melt. Yum.

Winter food is so comforting, but I also look forward to the fresh vegetables in the spring.

Paula said...

Please can I have the recipe??? Pleeeeeease (picture hands clasped) -that's how Ella asks :)

I often have sourdough starter waiting to be used and would love to have fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning. But none of my recipes ever seem to work right.

The look delicious!

SquishyCuteStuff said...

Hi Paula!

Do you have the new "Amish Cook at Home" cookbook? That is the recipe I used. Basically you make the sourdough bread dough like usual...after the first rising you divide the dough in 2 pieces and roll into thin, flat rectangles. Brush with melted butter, sprinkle each rectangle with 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon. Roll up short sides, cut into pieces, place on greased baking sheet(s), cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 4 or 5 hours. Then bake at 350 for around 20 minutes. YUM-O!!

Sara said...

Yum. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing. But also so not on my diet. On my diet tonight: Wheat english muffin pizzas with broccoli and a little pasta. If they turn out pretty maybe I'll take pictures! :)

Paula said...

Did you use Lovina's starter? I found it very wet and made for a very wet dough. I'll have to try again and make the rolls.

bunzi said...

love the grill cheese and tomato soup combo. :) yummi!