Friday, January 23, 2009

House Party, baby!

As I mentioned a few months back, I have really gotten into the freebie/coupon sites on the net; what a super way to help save some money at the grocery store, plus I get wonderful weekly "surprises" in my mailbox. Yesterday, I received a 3-book set of hardcover children's cookbooks from Jif/Smuckers and Brianna LOVES them. Today I got a bunch of NutraSweet packets. Keep an eye on ; Heather does a really great job of making her blog a one-stop shop to guide you to all of the best coupons and free samples ☺

Through Freebies 4 Mom, I learned of a site called House Party. You fill out online applications in order to be considered to host parties in your home centered around different products. Basically, if you are chosen you are sent a box of freebies, etc. to give to your guests. It doesn't cost you anything to sign up...they just expect you to honor your commitment to have a party and try to post some pictures to their website. I have applied for a few parties, and was excited to get chosen to do the Velveeta Game Day party for Super Bowl!! Since I do a Super Bowl party anyway, this is just icing on the cake ☺ I received my huge box of goodies from FedEx today:

The box was FULL of cool stuff!
Here it is, laid out so I could see it all: a 2 lb box of Velveeta, a can of Ro-Tel, a canister of sugar-free Koolaid, three bags of Ritz chips, and a cute little ceramic square serving dish.
How cool are these cups?! I received 25 of these "Etch-It" cups. Apparently, you peel off the label and underneath is a little blackboard that you scratch your name on your sharing cooties here!

What is a party without guest favors? They sent me 16 of these plastic "Velveeta-keepers" to pass out......along with 16 of these dandy chip-clips. Who couldn't use a few more chip clips? There is also a pile of recipe card booklets with coupons to pass out, as well.

All in all, a nice little start of party-supplies ☺ Check back next week...I will be hurriedly working on cleaning, making decorations, getting food situated, etc.!

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!


mushroommeadows said...

That is too cool!!!

By the way, to answer your question about swaps: sometimes someone just contacts me or vice versa and we do a's rarely ever official. :) If you ever want a swap, I would love to swap with you! :)

sunnie fairy said...

Oh, that is awesome! I love free stuff... :]

Jenny S said...

Oooh freebies are always fun, but a free party is just so fantastic!! Hope you have loads of fun with it all!

BuddingCook said...

that's some sweet stuff! :D said...

Wow, what a great party pack! That's so cool!

Nikki said...

You are so lucky!! I never qualify for House Party!!!

I love freebies and couponing! It's such a little rush!